4 Easy Japanese Health Practices You Might Not Know

4 Easy Japanese Health Practices You Might Not Know

Staying healthy in Japan should not be a chore or something difficult to do. In fact, it is easy to stay in shape in Japan. Not only will you adapt to certain practices that your friends and colleagues do but also you will notice that Japanese lifestyle always involves moving. Simply walking to your destination is already an exercise.

Easy Japanese Health Practices You Might Not Know

We will share 4 health practices in Japan that you might not know because it is so common, you might not notice it, or at least at first. However, you will find out how common these things are in Japan once you stay longer here. Plus, these practices also contribute to keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Lymph Massage

Here in Japan, women get lymph massages; a relaxing and stimulating type of massage to the skin which keeps it healthy and prevents it from looking bloated. You can even find this in beauty magazines for it is quite popular.

The lymph system maintains fluid levels in the body, absorbs fat from the digestive tract, protects your body from viruses and bacterias, and removes all the toxins from your body. This type of massage would help your lymph system drain toxins more efficiently off your systems. Imagine all that metaphorical radioactive materials flushed out from your systems. To put it simply, this keeps your skin looking refreshed and rejuvenated inside and outside. Try it!

Taking a Bath Everyday

For obvious reasons, taking a bath is the top 1 easiest of all health practices. Cleanliness is big in Japan ~ like smell. Being smell-less and absolutely clean is deeply appreciated. Taking a bath is scientifically proven to: prevent and even cure some illnesses due to the rise of core body temperature, promote sleep due to decline of your body temperature after a bath, helps improve blood circulation, and may even result in weight loss.


Walking is the norm in Japan. The majority of people in Japan don’t own cars – more of a space issue than an issue of affordability. That being said, people walk or bike for them to travel from place to place.

Putting the space issue aside, walking is a great exercise. It’s not too taxing to your lungs, it can be done by pretty much everyone regardless of weight, and it burns more fat than jogging.

Eat Fermented Food Everyday

Most of the health issues actually stem back from an unhealthy gut function. And what better way to do it is to eat foods that have good bacteria which aids our body for healthy digestion. And in Japan, you can find tons of fermented foods which are even a part of Japanese daily diet. Foods like natto, miso, kombucha, amakaze, pickles etc can easily be found in the supermarket. Plus, you can even drop by in a konbini and get drinks with probiotics on it. Japan will keep your tummy healthy.


Apparently, the easiest healthiest practices aren’t exactly unknown, you can even say these are mundane, part of the day-to-day activities in Japan however, you only notice this once you actually stay in Japan. Thus, it brings me to the conclusion that being healthy doesn’t have to be an elaborate set of huge things that has to be done with great effort, it can be incorporated into everyday small things. What an awesome way to be healthy! What are your health practices?





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