4 Effective Marketing Strategies In Japan

4 Effective Marketing Strategies In Japan

Over the years, Japan has rapidly grown to become one of the leading suppliers of a wide range of products. From electronics, food, automobiles, steel, household products etc, this is due to the common practices in managing businesses in Japan.

Effective Marketing Strategies in Japan

You want to know why Japan has become successful in marketing their products? Then check these 4 marketing strategies in Japan and why you should start practicing it now. Here we go.

1. Be up to date in social media

Nowadays, almost everyone is on social media. From news, trends, fashion and lifestyle etc. Moreover, social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies of today. If you want to effectively reach a larger audience, especially if your target market is international, then this is the best way to entice potential partners and clients and be well-known to the masses. Japanese consumers are also on the hype of checking out ‘what’s in’ in social media.

2. Japanese culture

When you want to draw the attention of japanese consumers, mix it! But how do you get japanese attention?

Adding a touch of familiarity works also well by incorporating japanese culture with a fusion of traditional style plus your own culture. Imagine making a japanese version of your products. Did you see Starbucks outlets in Japan? That’s a perfect example. This can draw a feeling of being at home from japanese and at the same time an excitement to try something new.

3. Pay Attention To Detail

One of the most important things to remember when you want to get japanese consumer’s buy-in is to pay attention to details. Japanese are very keen on every minute detail, making sure that the customer or consumer’s demands are met and they are well taken care of and respected. From style, quality, and comfort, it’s important to take note of that so they will happily go back to you.

4. Etiquette

No matter what your businesses are, whether it is in the hospitality industry, service, products, items etc., nothing beats showing basic japanese etiquette to your consumers. Not only does it show a level of respect to your consumers but more importantly, it is very much deep-rooted in japanese culture. When you’re in Japan, doing gestures like greetings and bowing will be the norm. In other cultures like Western ones, it may be a little informal but in Japan, always showing good manners will easily get japanese approval.


Japanese have a unique way of doing marketing strategies but once you are familiar with it, you will find out how effective it is wherever you take your business not only in Japan. What is the best marketing strategy for you here in this list? Let us know in the comments below how will you effectively




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