4 Things Sake Is Healthier Than You Think

4 Things Sake Is Healthier Than You Think

The national beverage of Japan is not only a drink enjoyed during normal or special occasions. Sake actually has a huge impact on your health and it provides long-term health benefits. You can drink hot or cold sake and still you will get the same nutrition.

What is Sake?

Sake is Japanese Rice Wine. Despite its name, it is more similar in beer due to its production and brewing process than in wine. It existed since time immemorial but it was known to be used in religious ceremonies by monks. Discover the 4 things why sake is healthier than you think!

1. Aids Digestion

Lactobacillus, a probiotic, may be found in sake. The lactic acid bacteria can help digestive problems most especially diarrhea. Moreover, sake contains low amounts of acid and sulfites so drinking it may give you less bad stomach reactions than other alcoholic drinks. Plus, it gives you less hangovers than other liquors.

2. Reduces Risks Of Cancer

Rich in amino acids, Sake may reduce risks of certain cancers. It is also known to help slow tumor growth. It may only be in small amounts but coupling it with other supplements or food high in omega three-amino acids such as tuna and salmon will give you the boost you need to combat diseases and illness.

3. Improves the Skin

You might not believe it but sake has moisturizing properties that keeps the skin moisturized which means it may also help reduce ageing and wrinkles. In fact, there are many topical products containing sake and there’s even a sake bath to soak your skin. Moreover, sake prevents skin pigmentation such as melanin, sun spots and freckles.

4. Prevents High-Blood Pressure

Sake contains multiple types of peptides which inhibit the production of enzymes; the cause of high blood pressure. Sake helps reduce bad cholesterol which means healthier blood vessels and lower risks of heart attack. Plus, it reduces the strain to your liver. Overall, it’s an amazing way to keep your body strong and healthy while drinking. What better ways to drink!


We’ve always been warned as a growing adult to drink alcohol moderately. However, there are better alcohol choices and sake is one of the better ones out there. It’s like drinking vitamins while unwinding. However, drink responsibly and moderately still, and I think you’ll turn out okay and healthy in the end. Cheers!




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