5 Japanese Healthy Drinks You Must Try

5 Japanese Healthy Drinks You Must Try

When you’re in Japan you’ve probably heard of sake and not only it is the most drunk alcoholic drink and the national beverage but also, it has health benefits such as it boosts the immune system, reduces cancer risk and is high in amino acid. But what are other healthy drinks that are non-alcoholic?

Japanese Healthy Drinks

In this article, we will list 5 japanese healthy drinks you need to try and can be incorporated into your healthy lifestyle. Excited to know these to add into your diet? Here are the lists.

1. Matcha Latte

Rich in high antioxidants and good for the heart, matcha latte is a delicious non-alcoholic drink that you can enjoy at any time of day and can be consumed hot or cold. It is made from matcha green tea powder mixed with milk that has a taste bitterness and mild sweetness of milk. Scientist studies claims that the drink helps reduce cancer risks and may help protect the liver.

2. Sakura Tea

Popularly known as cherry blossom tea, Sakura tea has amazing health and beauty benefits as it is a beautiful flower most commonly seen in Japan. Also rich in high antioxidants, Sakura tea helps protect and heals the cells in your body from free radicals and promotes collagen formation. It also contains essential fatty acids which repairs the skin for a younger, supple and smooth skin. Not only it is a relaxing and rejuvenating drink but it has multiple benefits that aids you in the long run.

3. Aojiru

Made from kale, young barley grass and tea leaves, Aojiru or green juice is a perfect dietary supplement for its multiple health benefits. This bitter drink is rich in vitamins and minerals and promotes longevity. It gained widespread popularity when Dr. Niro Endo developed aojiru in 1943 and claimed that the drink cured the nephritis of her wife and his son’s pneumonia. If you are skeptical in drinking aojiru, no worries for new formulations are developed to minimize the original bitter taste.

4. Ryokucha

Ryokucha or Japanese steamed green tea is a great source of nutrition and is full of antioxidants which aids weight loss and relaxes and clears your mind. It also induces a calming effect that is great to drink during your pastime. There are already several brands that produce variations of ryokucha as a bottled drink with varying levels of bitterness.

5. Hoppy

Another beverage that has great health benefits is hoppy, a drink developed by Kokuha Beverage Company. Scientists suggest hoppy prevents syncytial problems which leads to bronchitis and pneumonia. The beer flavored non-alcoholic drink, hoppy is usually added with a distilled beverage called shochu for a pleasant taste.


Are you interested in healthy drinks? Which drinks are you interested in trying? Let us know in the comments for we’d love to know your thoughts.





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