Best Daiso Products You Can Find

Best Daiso Products You Can Find

Daiso is one of the biggest shops in Japan and it has 3,150 branches all across the country. And it’s crazy popular because of its actual nature of shopping inside it; it’s random and the products are as cheap as 100 yen. And in this article, we’ve explored the curious and best Daiso products you can try.

Best Daiso Products

Are you curious what these products are? Then keep reading to know these 5 Daiso products that will make you wow!

1. Daiso’s White Medicated Essence 

It’s amazing that Daiso has a product that is actually for the skin. Daiso’s White Medicated Essence helps in removing pigmentation, and wrinkles. It contains placenta extract, which is perfect for skin health. You can add this product to your skincare routine and is easily travel-sized for it contains 30ml per bottle. Using the product will make your skin hydrated, moist and fresh. It’s always almost sold out so grab it right away once you find it on Daiso.

2. Crunchy Seaweed Wasabi Soy Sauce Chips, 35g

Delicious, crunchy and for every seaweed fan, these crunchy seaweed chips from Daiso are a delight to eat. Instantly from opening, you can smell the appetizing seaweed aroma and the bite-sized chips are easy to eat, and addictive. Each bag contains 35 grams. You can taste the strong wasabi and seaweed with it’s blend of soy sauce which is hard to stop from munching it. Try these when you’re planning for a netflix and chill.

3. Rich Sheet Mask (Cherry Blossom, Pearl Barley, Camellia Oil,)

This couldn’t be more Japanese because in Daiso you can find Rich Sheet masks with an amazing pack of 30ml essence of popular Japanese beauty ingredients such as camellia oil and cherry blossom. These exciting sheet masks can make your skin full of natural essence of goodness that will leave it hydrated, glowing and pampered. Just try it during your free time, lie down and let it sit on your face for 15-20 minutes and no need to rinse it off. 

We highly recommend trying each one of the varieties so you can have a fun experience every facial time. 

4. Eyebrow Coat

On the beauty trend nowadays, a great eyebrow equates into your overall appearance. After all, it is situated just above the eyes, thus this 24-hr Eyebrow Coat from Daiso is probably one of the holy grails you can find. It helps your eyebrows stay in place for a day looking like a goddess and is smudge-proof. It’s packaging looks like nail polish so it is easy to spot it. It is also clear so you don’t have to worry about it getting smeared from the skin. 

5. Puff Sponge Detergent 80ml

So when was the last time you’ve washed your makeup puffs and sponges? If you can’t remember it then this is the time to buy it from none other than Daiso! This detergent for makeup sponges is safe and gentle for the skin as it is used to wash your makeup tools. You want to get rid of that stubborn creams and foundations to the sponge? Just leave it soaked in water with the detergent for 30 seconds and you’ll see the makeup residue floats itself from it. And best of all, it’s effect is fast.


Daiso has hundreds of products waiting to be discovered. Not only are there household products available but also food, drinks and even for your skin. Isn’t it curious to visit Daiso? What item would you expect to get from Daiso Japan?  


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