Enjoy ”Wasyoku” ! 3 Things You Have to Know about Japanese Food Culture

3 Things You Have to Know about Japanese Food Culture

Dining manners vary from country to country. Japanese food culture is so unique that it often confuses travelers.
Do you want to visit Tokyo ,Osaka , or Fukuoka?
Here are some of the most important things you should know about the food culture.
Make sure you read this blog to a real understandings of Japanese dining culture.
Your dining experience will be more enjoyable next trip!

To pay attention to use the chopsticks

Japanese people is picky about how to use the chopsticks. What are the things you shouldn’t do with chopsticks? There are several manners you have to avoid. However the worst way that Japanese people hate is “Hashi watashi”. It means that passing/receiving a piece or a chunk of food to/from chopsticks.”
Hashi watashi” is performed in Japanese funeral. You have to avoid doing that in Japanese restaurant.

To say “itadakimasu” “gochisousama”

You can hear everyone say”いただきますitadakiasu” before eating and “ごちそうさまでした gochisousamadeshita” after eating.
いただきます (itadakimasu) is a universal phrase which is said before a meal in Japan. In Buddhist principles, everything has a spirit – therefore, by taking the spirits from their origins and using them, you are giving gratitude to the organisms that originally housed those spirits by saying いただきます. You say ”ごちそうさまでしたgochisousamadeshita” in the same meaning. These phrases also include appreciate for people who prepared the meal.

Tipping Is Not Recommended

We don’t have tip culture in Japanese restaurant. Service fee is included in your meal. When dining out in Japan, never tip the staff. In most Japanese restaurants, the staff are highly paid and trained. This is
sometimes considered rude.

Can you get familiar with Japanese food culture Enjoy “Washoku” in Japane !


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