How To Get A Job In Japan As A Foreigner

How To Get A Job In Japan As A Foreigner

If you are thinking of getting a job in Japan but you don’t know where to start, then this article will help you! There are points you need to consider so you can easily land a job in Japan.

Foreigner Working In Japan

You do not have to worry what available jobs are there in Japan. In fact, there is a massive shortage in japanese workforce. Getting a job anywhere depends on some factors such as experience, education and personality but this guide will help you on the basic tips you need to know to get a job in Japan.

1. Secure A Job Before Coming To Japan

Ideally, it would be best to find a job in Japan from your home country. Of course, you can risk coming here to find a job but if you are working on a budget and don’t want to go home empty-handed, then looking for a job-posting online on websites would be the wisest option. You can do a google search and you will find several websites looking for interested foreigners to come and work in Japan. Once you get an invitation to your job, you will have a working visa and you’ll be flying here in no time.

2. Learning As Much Japanese As You Can

For most jobs in Japan, you would need japanese language to communicate. Unless you are working in international sales or as an english teacher, knowing english and basic japanese is okay. However, if you are working at other jobs, then it would be best (and more easier) to both you and to other people around you to communicate with customers, colleagues and boss.

Plus, it would be so much easier to bond with them.

3. Teach English

Several foreigners come to teach English in Japan then apply for other jobs related to their bachelor’s degree. English teaching can be a way for you to work in Japan. Securing a job in Japan is a little challenging but because the demand is high when it comes to English teaching, this could be your stepping stone. If you are a non-native english speaker, I highly advise to find other jobs instead such as I.T.

4. Just Be Patient and Be Prepared

Finding a job is never easy. Sometimes, the longer you wait, the more the job is going to be worth it. Just be prepared with all the things you need such as paperwork, your japanese speaking skills and more research.  And more importantly, equip yourself with japanese etiquette to have a good impression on your employers.


Japan has several opportunities and your future might be here in Japan! What other things do you want to know about working here in Japan? Let us know in the comments below.


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