Japan Startups Find Success in SNS

Japan Startups Find Success in SNS

Stepping into the new digital and SNS marketing world will open higher chances of opportunities and success for brands, especially for startups in Japan. Like other countries, Japanese brands have faced struggles to transition from paper marketing to SNS marketing successfully. However, as we know, consumers’ preferences have been continually changing, and so, brands or startups should adopt everything that comes with it.

Japan Startups Find Success in SNS

It will never be easy for startups to market their products and services given that Japan has many established corporate companies competing already. Yet, not all have adapted to SNS and digital marketing which is an advantage for startup companies in the country. This article will walk you through startups’ journey to success using SNS.

Youtube Has the Highest Penetration Rate in Japan

Youtube has gained the highest daily penetration rate in Japan over LINE, a popular messaging app among Japanese people. However, a lesser number of companies have been using Youtube as a marketing tool. Thus, this makes way for young companies to utilize the use of Youtube to promote and reach a larger number of consumers online, not only in Japan but around the world.

Instagram Growth in Japan Reaches 50% Yearly

The Instagram growth rate in Japan has been rapidly increasing; some corporate companies are starting to engage in Instagram, too. Startups can as well start with this platform, along with Youtube. In Instagram, young companies can make partnerships to 10-100 accounts with 1,000-10,000 followers. With such a number, startups are capable of reaching millions of Instagram users.

Facebook Performs Better

In Japan, companies mostly ignore Facebook since it shows a slow engagement rate between the business and the consumers, but not for business to business clients. Facebook is a better option for finding professional resources. It’s like a directory for companies and business owners. Hence, many startups use this advantage to gain partnerships and connections at such a low price.


The transition from paper flyer marketing and digital marketing requires time and effort. But, as technology advances, everything else should always follow. In Japan, SNS and digital marketing nowadays play an important role, especially for business owners, especially for startups. So, using the right platform and targeting the right consumers should be your first step.

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