Japan’s Dietary Guidelines To Losing Weight

Japan’s Dietary Guidelines To Losing Weight

The Dietary Guidelines of Japan was launched in 2000 then revised in 2010. It was created as a guide to encourage people to practice nutritious and healthy eating. We have picked 4 out of the 10 dietary guidelines that would sure-fire help you lose weight and help you burn that stubborn body fat!

Why Japan’s Dietary Guidelines?

If you are on your weight loss journey then you need to read these 4 Japan’s Dietary Guidelines to Losing Weight and get that lean, healthy and beach body. Let’s start!

Avoid too much salt and fat

Of course when you are dieting you know that you need to avoid fatty food but not only that. It seems not everyone is aware how eating salty foods actually contributes to gaining weight. The reason for this is that not all foods we eat have table salt on it but instead it came from processed foods which contain high amounts of sodium as a preservative; which is very unhealthy. The best option is to prepare your own food (fresh foods) or check the ingredients used in a food.

Learn your healthy body weight and balance the energy intake with Physical Activity

The moment of truth is here: you need to check body weight and check if you are on your ideal body weight. And if you think you need to shred some few pounds, start doing easy exercises like walking, then eventually some challenging ones like running and resistance training once you feel stronger. Just don’t overexert and be kind to yourself. And also practice mindful eating and eat slowly.

Establish a healthy rhythm by taking regular meals

They always say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And it is. So don’t skip breakfast and choose healthy food to kickstart your day. Another thing to remember is to avoid eating snacks before bedtime and between meals. But if you can’t help eating snacks, there are healthy snacks you can find as an alternative. And finally, avoid drinking too much alcohol because it will only make your stomach bloated and some of them, like beer which contains high sugar and extra calories.

Assess your daily diet

A healthy body is a journey and a lifetime physical work. To be always fit and feeling healthy, set your own health goals and make it a habit to check what you are eating. You also need to tell this to your friends and family so you will have a support group in your fitness journey. And whether you are already working or still at school, it’s never too late to start making healthy choices so start young or start now.


Japanese have several practices whether in diet, culture or lifestyle that will keep you healthy and these guidelines in the list are one of the biggest ways to help you lose weight. What are your dietary guidelines? Share it with us in the comments below.





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