Popular SNS Platforms in Japan

Popular SNS Platforms in Japan

“SNS” or Social Media Service refers to several online social media services used worldwide. In Japan, SNS is beneficial in day-to-day conversations, especially in digital business marketing, so it is not surprising for the Japanese to own multiple SNS accounts or use one platform for various purposes. However, SNS penetration in Japan varies from other countries. So, a better understanding of its social media landscape will help you come up with an effective social media marketing strategy in the country.

Popular SNS Platforms in Japan

As the number of SNS users in Japan increases, new functions and services continue to develop. In this article, you will understand Japan’s social media engagements and usage, sorting out the popular SNS apps among Japanese people.


LINE is, undoubtedly, the most popular messaging SNS app in Japan. It has been the leading network among any other SNS apps within the Japanese social media market. Other than the messaging feature, LINE also offers a familiar function called Timeline, just like the Newsfeed of Facebook. It also provides services for business advertisements and business profiles, wherein the majority are from the food, automobile, fashion, and beauty industry.


For a long time, Twitter has been the dominant social networking site in Japan. Just like other SNS platforms, users can post pictures and other media, status and allows you to share and comment on it as well. Its popularity has been a home to accounts for politicians, celebrities, and businesses that makes Twitter a reasonable means for social and brand listening.


Youtube is a streaming video site, but it’s far way different from other SNS apps in terms of its usage. On Youtube, you can enjoy streaming videos whether you subscribe to its services or not. Technically, it is a very convenient way to reach your audience and target market through advertisements, just like traditional television advertising. In contrast, others use this platform for video content marketing to introduce their brands and products.


Instagram is known for its fastest-growing number of users, mainly in Japan. Most of its users in Japan are females aging from 18 to 30 years old. Instagram provides users the option to manage their newsfeeds by posting photos and videos. Its audience is relatively young, but its advertising reach has been drastically growing, especially for fashion and lifestyle brands. There are many ways to use the app for business, and learning excellent visual storytelling is your first step.


The popularity of Facebook in Japan is not as high as in other countries. Japanese do not commonly use it; however, an increasing number of Japanese companies have seen its advertising potential for their businesses. Facebook advertisements benefit brands such as demographic targeting, number of likes, comments, the average number of clicks for Facebook advertising, and more professional networks.


In Japan, globally reaching audiences and consumers is hard work; however, the convenience SNS brings will make it a lot easier. If you’re interested in developing social media strategy, marketing, research, or lectures, kindly contact us!



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