4 Japanese Fragrant and Relaxing Bath Salts 

4 Japanese Fragrant and Relaxing Bath Salts

You’d be surprised as to the amount of bath salts in Japan when it comes to brands and varieties. As in, there are just so many! And that’s because Japanese love getting the best of everything and even more so when it comes to bathing. And you, too can adapt this easily because these flagrantly and soothing bath salts are just so enjoyable and exciting to use. 

Are you ready now to try Japanese bath salts? Then this article is definitely for you. Do you want the best bath salt brands that not only are relaxing, fragrant but helps in health? Then keep reading to find out the brands to try!

1.  Awatoro Bubble and Aroma Bath Salt from Cow Brand Soap

This bath salt is absolutely perfect for beauty enthusiasts. Awatoro Bubble and Aroma Bath Salt contains hyaluronic acid and collagen; an ingredient that helps the skin to be plump, healthy, smooth and moisturized. And true to its promise, it’s a beauty bath salt from the popular brand Cow Soap Kyoshinsha. 

If you want a bubble bath experience using Awatoro Bath Salt, you need to add hot water first before then mix the bath salt. Afterwards, add more hot water using the showerhead in maximum water pressure, which eventually creates a foamy bubble hot water bath. Once the water level is enough for you, then you’re ready to plunge into your tub and enjoy.

You can also try different scents for this brand – Sleeping Aroma, Plumeria Garden, Jewelry Rose, and Amber Milk.

2. Earth Corporation by Rotenyu Meguri

If you’re looking for an authentic feel for bath salt then definitely go for Yu Meguri Series bath salts for they have what you’re looking for – an actual bath salt variation from onsens in Japan.

It’s magical to think that this brand brings to you the actual experience of onsen from different parts of Japan. 

That being said, the series features Nagano’s Goshiki Onsen, Aomori’s Sarukura Onsen, Akita Prefecture’s Nyuto Onsen, and Gumma’s Sakurayama Onsen bath salts.

These bath salts have health benefits from the hot spring as it eases fatigue, and muscle pains. This series is definitely a unique experience to try.

3. Kao by Bub

Another bath salt that has amazing health benefits, Kao’s Bub Carbonate Bath Salt helps in improving blood circulation through relaxing hot baths when added. Moreover, it relieves body fatigue like back pains and stiff shoulders. Also, it removes cramps as it eases cold feed and hands. 

Kao has several varieties and has therapeutic scents to choose from; Lavender, Yuzu Citrus, Bergamot and Forest which is from a four series pack. The six pack varieties contain  Ripe Kumquat, Romantic Jasmine, Rose Harmony, Sandalwood, Seiryu no Mori and Eucalyptus.

4. ONPO by Earth Corporation 

For a bathtub experience that would heavily aid in healing, Earth Corporation is a must-try. This bath salt has hot spring water ingredients and carbonic acid which helps from cold sensitivity, back pain, boosts blood circulation and muscle cramps. It is made by Earth Corporation, a trusted company with various products that has been on the Japanese market for quite some time. ONPO has varieties like Peach, Yuzu Citrus, Forests, and Carbonate Herbal Medicine Plus which have tiny particles that add up a warmer effect to your bathing experience. 

For those who have kids, there’s also ONPO Kids Sweets which can be enjoyed by children and parents together.


Confused which one to try? Then imagine yourself in a bathtub and think which of these products would you like to add first. Have you decided already? Then awesome! So which one are you going to try first? Let us know in the comments about your Japanese bath salt experience.






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