Business Activities

Business Activites

YiEM INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. provides assistance getting products and services that satisfy customers into their hands.
Going beyond business categories and sectors and national and regional borders to coordinate the union of markers and sellers in our main line of work.

At YiEM INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD., we accommodate all kinds of customer requests, a small sample of which follows below:

“I developed this kind of product. Can you cultivate sales channels for it in Southeast Asia countries?”
“Can you conduct a needs survey for health foods in Vietnam, Indonesian and Burma?”
“I want to import traditional handicrafts from Thailand. Can you act as an intermediary between a local manufacturer and our organization.

We also offer support for the following operations and businesses, intermediary services handled by specialists, and more.
Please feel free to consult with us.
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What operations does
YiEM INTERNATIONAL specialize in ?

  • Overseas business support
  • Overseas coordination work
  • Intermediary, brokerage and consulting services for product import and export vendors
  • Full range of planning services for projects both within and outside of Japan (devising, formulating and executing project plans and conducting post-implementation analysis)
  • Management coordination work
  • Management consulting work
  • Full range of marketing services that include industry analysis and market surveys.
  • Entrepreneur support businesses
  • Provision of information over the Internet and brokerage for the provision of information
  • Surveys and planning for corporate mergers, alliances and transfers of concessions, as well as associated intermediary, brokerage and consulting services
  • Development, manufacture, sale and management of products as well as associated consulting services
  • Planning, execution and management of fair trade as well as associated consulting services.