4 Japanese Lip Balms for Dry Lips this Winter

4 Japanese Lip Balms for Dry Lips this Winter

Lip balms are an essential this winter. Leave your lips in the middle of a cold without moisturizer and you’ll get chapped, dry lips and worse, your lips will bleed. And just like any part of our body, it needs nourishment to keep it healthy. So what are the best lip balms in Japan available?

Japanese Lip Balms this Winter

To give your lips the proper treatment is easy. All you need to know is just the right products to use. There are a variety of lip balms in the market; glossy, tinted, organic and each specifically depends on its purpose and needs. Keep reading to find out the best lip balm that will keep you moisturized and protected the whole winter season.

1. DHC Lip Cream

It is definitely the number one lip balm and the most popular in Japan drugstores. It is formulated with olive virgin oil, vitamin E, aloe essence and licorice derivatives which are all but perfect combinations for an absolute lip balm. What DHC Lip Cream does is that locks in the moisture to the lips, gives natural shine, and protects the lips keeping it healthy. It even has less sebum properties which makes it non-greasy. Plus, it can be used as a base before using lipstick, keeping the product from drying at the same time making the lipstick color vibrant. It’s no wonder it is a bestseller.

2.  Mentholatum Lip Fondue

Like a melted fondue on the lips, Mentholatum Lip Fondue covers your lips with delicious, protective formula. It contains royal jelly extract, honey, jojoba seed oil and olive oil. It has a mild fragrance and it wraps the lips glossy, and beautiful looking. Best of all, it has a UV cut function. It is definitely a must-buy if you want to have a kissable looking kiss and be fully moisturized in one. And also, you can choose from 6 color variations, all high tinted.

3. Nivea Rich Care & Color Lip

If you want a color to the lips but also has a moisturizing function, then definitely go to Nivea Rich Care & Color Lip. The gorgeous ingredients in this lip balm are carefully selected which are jojoba oil, macadamia nut oil and avocado oil which matches your body temperature and gives the moisture your lips need, no more no less. It is non-fragrant, has UV rays protection, comfortable to the lips, and has an instant moisturizing effect. There are five colors available for this lip balm which perfectly blends in your lippies.

4. Shiseido Water in Lip

Shiseido Water in Lip is a medicated lip balm that has been in the Japanese market for quite some time. The lip balm contains hyaluronic acid and natural spring water from Italy which makes the lips soft, keeps in the moisture, and gives a watery gloss to the lips. It is especially perfect for dry lips if you want a long-lasting moisturizing effect while getting the proper nourishment. The lip balm has two variations available which are UV Cut and Natural Care both have great effects with the UV Cut specifically targets protection against UV ray damage and protects against UV. 


Our lips are an important part of the body and its health is optimal. It may also make and break our confidence for we always want to don that perfect smile. The lips are also a great health indicator whether we are properly hydrated or not. And also, we want to look great by keeping our lips smooth and hydrated. Found your lip balm already? 








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