4 Reasons To Drink Japanese Tea

4 Reasons To Drink Japanese Tea

Eisai, the buddhist monk who brought tea and tea culture in Japan in the 12th century, said in his book that green tea is a precious medicine for health and long life. For several centuries, tea has been one of the favorite drinks in Japan. And not only because of its relaxing effects but also for optimum health.

Reasons to Drink Japanese Tea

Japanese Tea is generally known as non-fermented tea and once fermented, it is classified to different types depending on its degree of fermentation. Among the most popular japanese tea are sencha, gyokuro, matcha, and houchija. Find out the health benefits of drinking one of these japanese teas.

1. Healthy Body and Beautiful Skin

Japanese tea contains five times vitamin C as lemons which boosts your immune system, keeping you away from getting sick easily. Green tea also contains Vitamin E which together with vitamin C makes your skin more glowing, reduces wrinkles, and helps prevent sun damage making you look younger. Imagine drinking tea everyday and you will be more youthful than your age.

2. Lose Weight

It has been quite known for years that tea is rich in antioxidants and that is because of Catechin or Tanin. Catechin has antioxidant properties that helps increase the body’s metabolism and effectively burns fat especially in the belly. It powerfully lowers cholesterol-levels which is why it is mostly known to aid weight loss.

3. Powerful Medicinal Properties

Catechin is a bioflavonoid and not only it contains antioxidants but also antiviral qualities which helps prevent several diseases such as inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, clears blocked arteries and veins allowing your blood to flow healthily and prevents heart attacks and more. Also, japanese tea has caffeine which promotes alertness, and overall cognitive performance. Sencha japanese tea contains the most catechin.

4. No More Bad Breath, Just Great Smile

Japanese tea has bioflavonoids which also kills germs and bad breath. In fact, you can gargle tea after brushing your teeth. And as a bonus, these bioflavonoids also keep your gums and teeth healthy so you are always feeling confident whenever you smile.


Now that you know the benefits of japanese tea, drinking it will be more exciting and fulfilling than ever. What do you think of this list? Let us know in the comments why you are curious of japanese tea.




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