4 Things You Don’t Know Are Edible In Japan And Healthy, Too!

4 Things You Don’t Know Are Edible In Japan And Healthy, Too!

Are you new to Japan? Then you’ve probably not tried these! Dive into the heart of Japan and you’ll be surprised as to how some known plants or animals are actually edible.

4 Things You Don’t Know Are Edible and Healthy in Japan

We will introduce you to 4 things you don’t know are edible in Japan and are actually healthy. Are you ready to know them? Then let’s start!

1. Takenoko or Bamboo Shoots

If you’ve lived in the west then you might be surprised that bamboo shoots (or bamboo sprouts) are actually eaten in most Asian countries. During springtime in Japan, fresh takenoko is one of the favorite flavors. It’s not only tasty, but it also helps in improving your appetite and digestion. Bamboo shoots also have strong antibacterial, anticancer and antiviral properties that could even cure cardiovascular diseases.

2. Inago or Locusts

Do you like to eat exotic food? Then this is your time to shine. In some parts of Japan like Fukushima and Nagano, inago or locusts are eaten traditionally. If you are wondering why some locals eat locusts, this originates when plague hit a long time ago and when there’s nothing to eat but the swarm of locusts that destroyed all the crops. Luckily, inago is very rich in protein which gives energy to the body.

3. Natto

This list would not be complete without the legendary and popular natto. It is fermented beans that have a strong distinct smell and slimy texture and for foreigners, this might be very weird. But don’t let the looks fool you; natto is a superfood that is super healthy. It is rich in vitamins and minerals, a good choice when you’re on a diet because it has dietary fiber and is high in protein. If you are a diet freak, you would love natto for it’s amazing health benefits.

4. Lotus Roots

Yes, lotus is edible from its flower, leaves, stems, seeds and even the roots. Lotus roots are served in a variety of ways in Japan such as kushikatsu (deep fried and skewered), stir fried as a side dish and many more. Eating lotus roots helps stop diarrhea, relieves inflammation and lowers cholesterol and blood sugar level due to its complex carbohydrates and fiber content. So don’t skip lotus roots and try it.


There are still so many edible things you don’t know and exploring other cuisines all over Japan would be an exciting and fulfilling experience. In no time at all, you’ll unlock the secret why Japanese live longer. Which one on the list would you like to try first? Leave us a comment below.





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