4 Advertising Tips To Win Japanese Consumers

4 Advertising Tips To Win Japanese Consumers

Winning japanese consumer’s hearts can be easy with the right formula. There are things to consider mainly because each country has a different culture, core values and social backgrounds. Japan is unique on its own and knowing the right approach in advertising your business will catapult you into success in the Japanese market.

Advertising Tips To Win Japanese Consumers

Here are four advertising tips you can take in the flourishing Japanese advertising industry and how to get their buy-in. Let’s get started!

1. “Kokorowoutsu”

How to win japanese hearts: kokorowoutsu or in english “hitting the heart”. This is a marketing technique which simply means that your copywriting should touch your viewer’s hearts. Similarly, this is the same with the traditional poetry, haiku. Haiku comprises 17 syllables and 3 lines yet it’s words are carefully chosen, delicate and impactful. This usually targets the right audience easily because it is easy to resonate and relate with it.

2. It should be Creative

When it comes to japanese advertisement, it is more media-oriented in a way that it focuses more on attracting a significant amount of attention in a short period of time. These advertisements should be explosive, eye-catching, exaggerated and sometimes nonsensical to get as much attention as possible. This is also called “soft marketing” where you may not understand what it means, yet it effectively sticks in the mind due to its popularity, unusual, and creative ideas.

3. Visual Presentation

There is no “in-between” when it comes to japanese design or style. It could either be complex and flooded with different colors or minimalistic. When it comes to complex types of style, it commonly uses multiple rich colors and extreme features. One of the most popular artists who uses this type of style is Yayoi Kusama and Shirakawa Sasakawa. In a minimalistic style, it usually has soft colors that can easily blend in. You could also notice this when it has elegant and simple colors and designs that may commonly showcase japanese tradition. Both are effective types of visual presentation in advertising. Just remember the essence of “japaneseness” at present no matter the style.

4. Bigger and Obvious

When you take a walk to Tokyo or when you visit the Shibuya street, you will notice several and huge amounts of billboards, posters and neon lights trying to get your attention. Each poster tries to compete with each other by means of its design, size and as to which one is the brightest. This is one way to get japanese consumers to notice you. Be obvious, eye-catching and bigger.


These Japanese advertising tips have been proven successful in getting businesses to become successful not only to japanese consumers but also in foreign consumers outside Japan all over the world. Which of these tips do you think is the most important in winning consumers?
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