5 Classifications of Restaurants in Japan

5 Classifications of Restaurants in Japan

We all know that Japan offers a wide variety of food and restaurants, making it hard for tourists to choose where and what to eat. Restaurants in Japan often specialize in a specific cuisine or dish, such as ramen restaurants that offer ramen or sushi shops that offer sushi. What’s good about Japanese restaurants is that they display menu standees outside, so it’s convenient for tourists to choose.

5 Classifications of Restaurants in Japan

When you first start your visit to Japan, it might be hard to select a good restaurant. There are hundreds of types of restaurants; to help we have introduced some of the different restaurants that you will find in Japan.


Izakaya restaurants are popular among office workers. It is a type of bar and grill or a gastropub which commonly has a fun and lively atmosphere. Izakaya is a casual restaurant which offers cheap drinks and a varied menu.

Ramen Restaurants

Ramen restaurants are not just a typical restaurant in Japan. It provides convenience to customers that they can order from a ticket machine at the entrance. Thus, most staff are in the kitchen serving and pulling out empty bowls from the customers.


Kaiten-zushi is a restaurant that is popular among tourists. Some foreigners would call it “rotating sushi” as it has conveyor belts to rotate, bringing colorful plates of sushi to the customers. Upon finishing a plate of sushi, stacking it up will help the restaurant staff calculate your bill.


Kissaten is a Japanese tea room coffee shop that offers a menu limited to sandwiches, sweets, and coffee. Unlike other coffee shops where you order at the counter, Kissaten restaurants let you order at your table. It boasts their delicious coffee and several blend options costing over $10.

Nabe and Shabu-Shabu

Nabe and Shabu-Shabu are very popular during Winter. This type of restaurant, customers will be served with a large pot of boiling soup and some ingredients like vegetables, meat, fish, or seafood, boiling it all together before eating it. Thus, people enjoy eating and sharing meals at these restaurants together.


Everyone who visits Japan loves to try dining in at these attractive restaurants. Trips won’t be complete without visiting any from the list. So, make sure you select a good restaurant when visiting Japan.

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