Four Healthy Ice Cream Brands In Japan You Must Try!

Four Healthy Ice Cream Brands In Japan You Must Try!

Are you an ice cream lover but want a healthier version of it? Then look no further than in this article, for we will introduce to you the nutritious, guilt-free delicious ice creams you can find in Japan…most particularly in Tokyo!

Healthy Ice Cream Brands You Must Try!

Get ready to know the four healthy ice creams you can find in Japan and its health facts. Are you ready to satisfy your sweet tooth? Then here it is.

1. Paletas

Would you like a taste of the seasons? Paletas are inspired from Mexican ice pops which gives you the enjoyment of tasting the seasonal fruits and vegetables in an ice pop! They first opened in Kamakura way back 2013 and now they have several branches all over Japan. And due to its refreshing and unique combination of ingredients and aesthetic look, they are on the rise in Japanese market. Paletas are made of fresh real fruits and vegetables so you can be sure you are getting the nutrition your body needs. Plus, if you want a dairy-free option, they have it, too.

2. Kippy’s Coco-Cream

An ice cream that wards off migraine? Then you are in the right place. Kippy’s Coco-Cream ice creams are made of coconut as its main ingredient. The co-founder of the brand Kippy Miller wants an ice cream that helps against her headaches and so after several experiments, it gives birth to this wonderful brand. The catch of this ice cream is that not only it is delicious and creamy but also it is organic and non-dairy. Plus, everything is made from scratch by the staff from processing raw coconuts to making it into the known delectable dessert. Also, their ice cream contains raw honey and nuts. It’s too delicious and healthy-friendly to pass off.

3. Premarché Gelateria

The Founder of this brand Nobuo Nakagawa wants to make an ice cream that can put a smile on everyone’s faces including those with dietary concerns. He opened his first store way back in 2017 at Kyoto’s Sanjo area and then next one in Nakameguro, Tokyo in 2018. The brand ranges in more than 40 flavors and you can opt in healthier options such as dairy-free gelato, pure vegan gelatos, vegan sorbets and even their regular gelato contains no additives made of natural ingredients. Excited to try them out?

4. Akagi Gari Gari Kun

One of the easiest to find ice pops which is available in grocery and convenience stores that you can be sure is vegan is Akagi Gari Gari Kun. They are the top-selling popsicle brand in Japan which sells off 400 million products per year. What is great about this popsicle other than it is vegan is that they have a lot of flavors to choose from and often, you can come across unique ones when you want to try something new such as soda flavor, squash flavor, mandarin flavor or more.


These brands of ice creams are proof that you can still stay healthy at the same time without sacrificing its desirable taste. And for ice cream lovers, what are you waiting for? Which brand of ice cream are you excited to taste first? Leave us a comment now!


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